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Projekte ku UE është pjesë

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Finalization of the T@SK Project at the University of Elbasan "AleksandërXhuvani"

By: Prof.dr. SkenderTopi

Rector of University of Elbasan “AleksandërXhuvani”


For three years, at the University of Elbasan "AleksandërXhuvani" has been implemented between challenges and surprises, the project T@SK, ‘Towards increased Awareness, responsibility and shared quality in Social Work’. This project was the first of its format, which brought together three departments of social work in Albanian public universities in Tirana, Shkodra and Elbasan, who collaborated with the best experts in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

The project managed to successfully realize the three main pillars of its implementation. First, investment in infrastructure, including the enrichment of university libraries. Second, it managed to build and strengthen the capacities of academic staff, students and social workers, through the exchange of experiences, trainings and study visits in the respective countries. Thirdly, in terms of scientific research, where in a very short time, quality publications have been realized and with extraordinary impact in the field of social services, alternating at national and international level.

These publications are available online and are accessible to anyone. On the other hand, in Tirana, Shkodra and Elbasan, three large scientific conferences have been organized, attended by many researchers in the field, who with their works and studies, have enriched scientific research in the field of social workers and social services in generally. I would like to remind you, that the project has also been a supporter of the creation and functioning of the social worker order in Albania. The project, during 2020 had a slowdown in its implementation, due to the pandemic situation caused by COVID 19. For this reason some of the activities were carried out remotely, reshaping the way of realization of these projects.

However, the strong spirit of cooperation and the determination to achieve things on time and with quality, have been the most important, challenging aspects and at the same time the points of our success. Finally, I want to thank all the participants in the project, each of you who has been part of this group, that during the three years of implementation of the TASK project, has been with us.

New projects and challenges are ahead!